Lantern Festival – The city of Beijing basks in the glow of the festivities

Article by Pushpitha Wijesinghe

China is a nation rich in history and colouful festivals. Despite being a nation of over billion it is regarded as a popular tourist destination offering historical monuments, diverging landscapes and numerous shopping and leisure options. A country seeped in culture and tradition, it boasts of many festivities and occasions to celebrate its brilliant past.

A national and an all-important annual holiday is the Chinese New Year. Also known as the Lunar New Year, this celebration commemorates the beginning of the new Lunar year and is called the Spring Festival. Preparations include cleaning ones abodes and decorating both the homes and workplaces. Friends and relations not only visit each other but also exchange gifts. Chinese cities and houses alike are all decorated in red lanterns and other ornaments.

Festivities of the Chinese New year climax in the heralding of the Lantern festival. Also known as the ‘Yuanxiao Jie’ it is calculated as dawning 15 days after the Spring festival. For residents in Beijing, the Lantern Festival is an exciting period where the whole city comes alive swathed in beautifully decorated lanterns made from varied materials. Unique is the different shapes and themes that the lanterns depict. Around the city, the parks and along streets and in houses lanterns adorn creating a celebratory atmosphere.

Allied events during the Lantern Festival, is the festivities which take place at the Old Summer Palace and the Workers’ Cultural Palace. Here too beautiful lanterns are on display with visitors taking part in the popular ‘guess the lantern riddle’ game. Performances portraying traditional Chinese art and culture are also seen during the Lantern Festival. Locals visit and help organize temple fairs which include a display of traditional Chinese handicraft, folklore, dances, live shows and local snacks on offer.

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