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Shaanxi snacks has experienced more than one thousand years of development. Due to the political, economic and cultural advantages, also with the absorption of the essence of integrated national food and drink flavor, Shaanxi snacks picked and inherited the ancient art of snacks in palace, and thus it is well known for its diversity and different flavors. Shaanxi snacks has developed and improved during the long historical period. Shaanxi snacks won universal appreciation and high evaluation of home and abroad for its strong local flavor and rich content. She is not only a dazzling pearl of the Chinese food culture treasure-house, but also an important part of Shaanxi food culture. All these merits made Shaanxi snack a necessary food that millions of tourists have to eat.

The most famous snacks are as follows: pita bread soaked in lamb soup, Shaanxi Hamburg, cold noodle, deep-fried persimmon pastry, and baked wheat cake and so on. Therefore, this article will show you the three most famous snacks in Shaanxi.

The most famous snack is the pita bread soaked in lamb soup which has the unique characteristic of Shaanxi. People who come to visit Shaanxi should not miss this kind of delicious snack. It is said that if you go to Peking without climbing the Great Wall, it means that you haven’t go to Peking. The same as that, if you come to Shaanxi without eating the pita bread soaked in lamb soup then it must be a pity for you.

Besides, cold noodle is also the most popular one among Shaanxi snacks. It wins it population both by men and women; it is especially welcomed by young girls. It sold throughout the year, and in summer, it is the best choice for people to eat. People live in the South, North and the central of Shaanxi all like eating it. It forms to four schools because of the different ways of cooking and eating. The first one is eating cold noodles with sesame paste; the second is the famous called Qinzhen cold noodles, the third one is also named by the place it was created, that is Hanzhong cold noodles and the last kind of the cold noodles is called Qi mountain cold noodles.

Shaanxi hamburger is also well-known in the world; it is famous for the fine choice of materials, full flavor and the appropriate fire powder and the long time roasting, so it would make people after eating it with a mouthful flavor. Therefore, it wins population by all the people.

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